The story of making nocilis.

[The background] 

For young children.
"nocilis" was born from the feeling as a designer who treasures his grandchild.
A child is absorbed in playing blocks and piling up blocks highly,
and then they collapse with noise.
The child awfully cries when the block hits his head.
And it is troublesome that the noise sounds on the lower floor in an apartment house.
In addition, the child slips on the blocks, licks them and bites them.
Because of these problems, the parents doubt safety of blocks.
We came across silicone rubber that has the power to solve these problems.
Silicone rubber is so warm and soft.
And it is safe so that it is used for medical devices.
Furthermore, it has the flexibility that can be turned inside out.
With this material, we began to make the toy that stimulated the creativity and imagination of the children.

〔The barrier of the word "NO" parents say〕 

Parents are apt to disturb the active play of the child, because they think the play as nuisance and risky.
It is important for children to play actively and to feel with the five senses.
In this way, children gradually become independent and mature.
When children have silicone blocks "nocilis", curiosity of the children is stimulated, and then the children come to smile.
This is because "nocilis" have characteristic forms, colors, touch, and the forms change freely.
As nocilis are so soft like the skin of mothers, children can play them in peace.
Through piling blocks together and changing their forms, the creativity and imagination of the children are brought up steadily.

〔The exquisite softness〕

The most difficult work in this development was the work looking for various forms that turns into other forms.
We repeated designs many times simulating it on CAD.
Then we made trial manufactures.
We studied their hardness and size enough a child could turn them inside out.
In addition, they had to have hardness and the thickness enough to be piled up as blocks.
We made various kinds of them and tested them many times.
Through these works, we found out the final hardness and thickness.
Each form has different hardness so that children can taste various sense of accomplishment.
At first, children are easy to reverse the block that turns into a butterfly from a square.
Then some children may feel hard to reverse the block that turns from a triangle into a clover.

〔The acquisition of a patent〕 
The blocks were admitted to have new features, which they turns into various forms, and they were patented!