About us name
ICI Design Institute Inc.
1983 July
2-82-21-705, Yakumohigashi-machi Moriguchi-city, Osaka 570-0021 Japan
TEL +81-06-6909-5095
FAX +81-06-6909-8412
President Yoshiaki Iida
Product Planning
Product Design
Engineering Design

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Home electric appliance Refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, microwave oven, air-conditioner, Rice cooker, pot, air cleaner, water purifier, humidifier, coffee maker, scale...
AV apparatus Speaker amplifier component stereo digital video camera,
Digital camera, DVD player home theater system, various wireless remote controllers...
Communications equipment Telephone, cell-phone, router, FAX, family computer, information terminal equipment (PDA), battery charger...
Medical equipment Ultrasonic wave diagnosis machine, supersonic wave bone density measuring instrument, massager, care tool...
Industrial instrument Slot machine pachinko housing, game apparatus, bloodstream authentication system, Electron microscope, PC accessories, wireless LAN-related product, laser marker laser cutter...
Home daily necessities CD case, stationery, scissors, cooking tool, tableware, seal preservation container...
Car article car audio system, car navigation...
Sporting goods Helmet, sweet fish net, sports glass...
Others furniture, house equipment, lighting, electrophones...
Cooperation Companies
I.C.I Corporation
  Numerical Control machining by automatic programs
-Cavity core of tooling
-Plates for the electrical discharge machining
-Confirmation Models
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System Bag "HI.RA.ZU.TU.MI"
- Kumamoto Design Award
-Design Forum Award (89' Silver Award)
-Design Forum Award(93' Gold Award)
-14th biennial of industrial design (Gold Award)
Silicon Cap "Kiss"series
-2009 the Good Design Award ( Small and Medium Enterprises rewards)
-2010 the Kids Design Award

We have received more awards in Japan, Asia,Europe.
JIDA,Japan Industrial Design Association
Digital Process Research Conference
Osaka Digital Production Conference