The features of "nocilis"

くるっとひっくりかえすとカタチが変る【Point 1. A sense of achievement.】
To turn it inside out bring change of its form,
a square into a butterfly, and a triangle into a clover leaf, for example. Moreover you are free to change its form by griping it
because it is made from soft silicone.
The blocks have four types. nocilis promotes development of hands and fingers through playing.
Also it is effective in rehabilitations.


【Point 2. A fun of building.】
The nocilis provide fun of building and arranging as blocks.
As it has no-slip feature, you can balance a block with other blocks over your image.
As it cut down the shock of the falling down, there are any noises.
nocilis promotes kids concentration, creativity, and thought based on mathematics.
写真【Point 3. A fun to discover the shapes.】
There are many discoveries of various shapes
by gripping, turning it inside out, and putting it into another shape.
Through these discoveries, it brings up creativity and imagination.
【Point 4. A fun to decorate it.】
As light transmits nocilis gently, nocilis can suit beautiful ornament.