We design "the sensitivity value" with the impression.

イアリング集音機In addition to technical value, it is important to raise sensitivity-like value. The design starts from extracting a hidden problem. We think about whether it is a problem "for whom", at the same time to think "what" is a problem.
We bring about a good solution by making problems clear. As a result, the product becomes plainly persuasive product.

We design the product which tells your spirit to users.

Companies must convey their spirit, which come from their tradition.
The spirits appeal to user's sensibility.
And, the companies can obtain the user's impressions and the sympathy.
It is the work of the designers to think how to add the spirits to the products, and to make appropriate proposals.

The viewpoint as a woman

There are many products, which need the viewpoint as a woman.
There are female designers in our team.
We offer the design from the viewpoint as one of the workingwoman and a mother who has the child

Design by the 3DCAD.

We introduce 3-D CAD into the process of the early design, and shorten the time that work and a design take.
By spending much time for the stage of an idea and the design, designing high quality products comes to be possible.
In addition, 3-D CAD unifies the data, so we can use analysis in the early stage of the design, and can improve the precision of the product.

The knowledge of technologies and materials for a good design

サンプル写真A new material and a new technology often generate a new design.
A good design also needs the materials and technologies for commodification.
We have grown wide relationships with many companies and knowledge of technologies and materials in past works. We support your project with the information and the connections.